Transcription of the 1841 Census

These records have been transcribed from all the Brinsmead entries revealed by the 1841 Census. We have photocopies of the originals if anyone wants further information.

Mill Street, Great Torrington, Devon
Robert Brinsmead   47 Devon Labourer
Mary Turner   55 Devon Glover
Market Street, St. Mary Major, Exeter, Devon
William Warburton   25 Devon M. Servant
Alice Brinsmead   45 Devon F. Servant
Edwin Rudd   20 Devon M. Servant
James Matthews   30 Devon  
Well Street, Great Torrington, Devon
Susanna Brinsmead   20 Devon Straw Bonnet Maker
Elizabeth Brinsmead   20 Devon Straw Bonnet Maker
Well Street, Great Torrington, Devon
John Lloyd   45 Devon Publican
Elizabeth Lloyd   35 Devon  
Jane Lloyd   15 Devon  
David Lloyd   9 Devon  
Susan Lloyd   1 Devon  
Susan Brinsmead   9 Devon  
Calf Street, Great Torrington, Devon
John Denbow   51 Devon Blacksmith
Grace Brinsmead   55 Devon F.S.
John Issac   12 Devon Parish Clerk
Wear Quay, Ware Gifford, Devon
Henry Brinsmead   65 Devon Ind.
Elizabeth Brinsmead   60 Devon  
Jane Brinsmead   15 Devon  
Susan Brinsmead   8 Devon  
William Brinsmead   7 Devon  
Ford, Alwington, Devon
William Brinsmead   25 Devon Farmer
Ann Brinsmead   20 Devon  
William Smale   18 Devon M.S.
George Taylor   20 Devon M.S.
Charles Cole   14 Devon M.S.
Mary Sheppard   20 Devon M.S.
Mary Brinsmead   55 Not Devon Ind.
Stoneyford, St. Giles in the Wood, Devon
Mary Brinsmead   25 Devon Miller
Mary Brinsmead   4 Devon  
Hugh Brinsmead   2 Devon  
Elizabeth Turner   20 Devon Glovemaker
William Copp   25 Devon M.S.
William Turner   15 Devon M.S.
Thomas Quick   14 Devon M.S.
John Lander   14 Devon Ap.
Great Huish, Devon
Henry Brinsmead   25 Devon Farmer
Elizabeth Brinsmead   30 Devon  
Elizabeth Brinsmead   4 Devon  
Mary Brinsmead   3 Devon  
William Brinsmead   5 mnths Devon  
John Hackwell   10 Devon  
Thomas Hackwell   7 Devon  
Thomas Couch   20 Devon M.S.
Francis Bennet   15 Devon M.S.
William Slade   10 Devon App.
Elizabeth Johns   15 Devon F.S.
Eliza Jewell   10 Devon F.S.
St. Giles Village, St. Giles in the Wood
Thomas Brinsmead   60 Devon Farmer
Margery Brinsmead   55 Devon  
Hariett Brinsmead   19 Devon  
John Brinsmead   15 Devon  
Eliza Brinsmead   13 Devon
Thomas Leaman   30 Devon M.L.
John Holly   13 Devon M.L.
St. Giles Village, St. Giles in the Wood
Henry Brinsmead   25 Devon Machine Maker
Grace Brinsmead 30 Devon
Thomas Friend   17 Devon  
St. Giles Village, St. Giles in the Wood
Thomas Brinsmead   36 Devon Machine maker
Emily Brinsmead   36 Devon  
Rachel Brinsmead   6 Devon  
Henry Brinsmead   1 Devon  
William Tout   17 Devon App.
Fanny Cock   12 Devon F.S.
David's Hill, St. David, Exeter, Devon
Hugh Brinsmead   53 Devon Builder
Mary Brinsmead   53 Devon  
Elizabeth Brinsmead   20 Devon  
Susan Brinsmead   15 Devon  
William Brinsmead   13 Devon  
John Brinsmead   15 Devon  
Hugh Brinsmead   10 Devon  
Elizabeth Rowe   77 Devon  
Elizabeth Rowe   40 Devon  
Upper Grafton Street, London
Henry Brinsmead   30 No Pianoforte Maker
Charlotte Brinsmead   30 No  
Henry Brinsmead   4 Middlesex  
Mary Sharpling   17 No F.S.
William Brinsmead   1 1/2 Middlesex  
John Squire 30 No Pianoforte Maker
Henry Squire   8 No  
John Cousen   19 No Pianoforte Maker
James Marsden   25 No Tuner
Cooksworthy, Beaford,  Devon
James Tanton   35 Devon Ag. Lab.
Rebecca Tanton   35 Devon  
Mary Tanton   10  Devon  
Elizabeth Tanton   7  Devon  
Robert Tanton   5 Devon  
Rebecca Tanton   3 Devon  
Betsy Brinsmead   30 Devon Glover
Mary Copp   30 Devon  
Honestone Lane, Bideford, Devon
George Brinsmead   20 Devon Mariner
Mary Brinsmead   25 Devon  
Windmill Street, St. Pancras, London
John Pope 45 Middlesex Woolen Draper
Catherine Pope   20 Middlesex  
Mary Pope   24 Middlesex  
Robert Braithwaite   24 No Tailor
Henry Bernard   23 No Tailor
George Parker   73 No Porter
Elizabeth Parker   67 No  
John Brinsmead Male, Married 25 No Pianoforte Manufacturer
Susan Brinsmead Female, Wife 25 Middlesex  
John Brinsmead Son 3 weeks Middlesex  
Charles Clapp   40 Middlesex Musician
Phoebe Clapp   35 No  
Mary Williams   57 No Nurse
Woodgate, Fletching, Sussex
Warburton Davies   50 No Independent
Sophia Davies   45 No  
James Davies   15 No  
Caroline Burges   50 No Independent
Ann Brinsmead   20 No Female Servant
William Matell   30 Sussex Male Servant
William Taylor   30 Sussex Male Servant
Sarah Swetman   25 No Female Servant
Harriet Townsend   35 No  
Susan Warner   35 No  
Emma Chatfield   20 Sussex  
Lansdown Crescent East, Walcot, Bath, Somerset
John Hippisley   35 No  
Ann Hippisley   25 No  
John Hippisley   9 No  
Ann Hippesley   7 No  
Charlotte Hippisley   5 No  
Henry Hippisley   2 Somerset  
Ann Hippisley   30 No  
Charlotte Hippisley   25 No  
William Wiltshire   25 Somerset Male Servant
Catherine Porch   15 Somerset Female Servant
Susan Brinsmead   30 No Female Servant
Goldsmith Street, St Paul, Bradninch, Exeter, Devon
John Marchant   39 Devon  
Elizabeth Marchant   36 Devon  
James Marchant   14 Devon  
Sophia Marchant   12 Devon  
Elizabeth Marchant   9 Devon  
William Marchant   7 Devon  
Charles Marchant   4 Devon  
Nicholas Marchant   2 Devon  
George Marchant   2 m'ths Devon  
Elizabeth Brinsmead   11 Devon  
Emma Moxey   19 No  
Richard Issacs   35 Devon  
James Leary   30 Devon  
John Purve (Rowe?)   16 Devon  


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