Transcription of the 1871 Census

These records have been transcribed from all the Brinsmead entries revealed by the 1871 Census. We have photocopies of most of the originals if anyone wants further information.

29 Adelaide Road, , St. John, Hampstead, London
Henry Brinsmead Head, Married 58 Weare Giffard, Devon Pianoforte Maker
Mary A. Brinsmead Wife 55 Eccington, Worchestershire  
Ella Hawker Niece, unmarried 19 Breden, Worchestershire
Annie Hawker Niece, unmarried 18 Finchley, Middlesex,  
St. David Hill, St. Davids, Exeter, Devon
Samuel Tancock Head, married 39 Newton St. Cyres, Devon Bricklayer
Susan Tancock Wife 42 Exeter, Devon Bricklayer's wife
Frank Tancock Son 12 Exeter, Devon Scholar
Elizabeth Tancock Daughter 7 Exeter, Devon Scholar
Hugh Tancock Son 4 Exeter, Devon Scholar
Hugh Brinsmead Lodger, Widower 83 St Giles in the Wood, Devon Retired Builder
St. Giles Village, St. Giles in the Wood, Devon
Henry Brinsmead Head, widower 31 St. Giles, Devon Sawmill Engine Driver
Ann Mitchell Servant, widow 55 Torrington, Devon Housekeeper
Beatrice E.P. Brinsmead Daughter 4 Tiverton, Devon Scholar
Mary E. Brinsmead Daughter 2 St. Giles, Devon  
St. Giles Village, St. Giles in the Wood, Devon
Thomas Brinsmead Head, Married 63 St. Giles, Devon Mechanical Engineer
Emily Brinsmead Wife 63 Northam, Devon  
Rachel Williams Daughter, widow 33 St. Giles, Devon  
Alfred B. Williams Grandson 10 Ipswich, Suffolk Scholar
Emily F. Williams Granddaughter 8 Ipswich, Suffolk Scholar
Hadley T. H. Williams Grandson 7 St. Giles, Devon Scholar
New Street, Great Torrington, Devon
Robert Brinsmead Head, married 78 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon Retired Accountant
Alice Brinsmead Wife 77 Kingsnympton, Devon  
East Eakworthy, Bucklnd Brewer, Devon
Robert Tucker Head, married 40 Buckland Brewer, Devon Farmer of 80 acres employing 4 labourers
Julia Tucker Wife 36 Buckland Brewer, Devon Farmer's Wife
John Tucker Son 15 Bulkworthy, Devon Farmer's Son
Thomas Tucker Son, 12 Buckland Brewer, Devon Farmer's Son
Robert E. Tucker Son 6 Buckland Brewer, Devon Farmer's Son
Fanney Brinsmead Visitor, unmarried 28 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon  
Elizabeth Quance Servant, unmarried 19 Buckland Brewer, Devon Domestic Servant
James Harding Servant, unmarried 19 Woolfardisworthy, Devon Farm Servant Indoor
14 Wigmore Street, Marylebone, London
John Brinsmead Head, Married 56 Devon Pianoforte Manufacturer
Susan Brinsmead Female, Wife 56 London  
Rosa Brinsmead Daughter, unmarried 28 London  
Laura  Brinsmead Daughter, unmarried 24 London  
Edgar Brinsmead Son, unmarried 23 London Pianoforte Manufacturer
Emily Brinsmead Daughter, unmarried 21 London  
Walter S. Brinsmead Son, unmarried 19 London  
Mary Howes Female, Single 21 Hertfordshire Servant
4 Southapton Street, St. Pancras, Marylebone, London, Middlesex
Thomas J. Brinsmead Head, married 26 London Pianoforte Manufacturer
Mrs. Brinsmead Wife 24 London  
Ellen Kallard Female, unmarried 17 London General Servant
St. Ann's Place, St. Ann, Limehouse, London, Middlesex
Thomas Brinsmead Head, married 55 Devon Newsvendor, Stationery
Mary Ann Brinsmead Wife 55 Middlesex  
Mary E. Brinsmead Daughter, unmarried 20 Middlesex  
Kate Brinsmead Daughter, unmarried 13 Middlesex  
Jane Abbott Servant, unmarried 20 Suffok Servant
19 Rhyl Street, St. Pancras, Kentish Town, Marylebone, London
Willian Brinsmead Head, married 30 Marylebone, Middlesex Pianoforte Maker
Mary A. Brinsmead Wife 30 Holborn, Middlesex  
Henry Brinsmead Son 2 St. Pancras, Middlesex  
William Brinsmead Son 1 St. Pancras, Middlesex  
Annie Harris Visitor 26 Asprash, Oxford Cook
Clarence Place, Christchurch, Newport, Monmouthshire
William Brinsmead Head, married 63 Wear Gifford, Devon Scriverner
Susan Brinsmead Wife 63 Exeter, Devon  
Sophia Brinsmead Daughter, unmarried 26 London Living at home
Louisa Brinsmead Daughter, unmarried 23 London  
Thomas Brinsmead Son, unmarried 20 London Clerk
Chepstow road, Christchurch, Newport, Monmouthshire
Elizabeth Brinsmead Housekeeeper 38 Exeter, Devonshire Housekeeper
John Roberts Son 6 Newport, Monmouthshire Scholar
Ella Bridget Roberts Daughter 1 Newport, Monmouthshire  
Ella Down Visitor 33 Bideford, Devonshire Milliner
Emma Harris Servant 17 Hangstock, Monmouthshire General Servant
Emily Taylor Servant 15 Newport, Monmouthshire Nurse
Candia Street, Kirkdale, Liverpool, Lancashire
Elizabeth Brinsmead Head, widow 57 Liverpool, England  
Thomas Brinsmead Son 22 Liverpool, England Blacksmith
Elizabeth Wallace Daughter, married 21 Liverpool, England  
Mary Phillips Niece 49 Liverpool, England  
Elizabeth H. Phillips Gt. Niece 10 Liverpool, England  
12 North Union Street, Doncaster, Yorkshire
Henry Brinsmead Head, married 39 Exeter, Devon Tailor
Hannah Brinsmead Wife 38 Gunthorpe, Lincolnshire  
Alice Brinsmead, Daughter 9 Exeter, Devon Scholar
Mary Brinsmead Daughter 2 Doncaster, Yorkshire  
Fore Street, St. Clement, Ipswich, Suffolk
Henry Brinsmead Head, married 56 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon Civil Engineer
Grace Brinsmead Wife 63 St. Giles in the Wood, Devon  
Louisa J. Trodd Niece 11 Ipswich, Suffolk Scholar


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