The Ancient Brinsmeads


Simon and Hanna Brinsmead

Hannah Brinsmead was the wife of Simon Brinsmead. We know quite a lot about Hanna, since she left a detailed will and several documents related to her land holdings. Hanna and Simon married on August 20th, 1645, in St. Peter's  Church, St. Albans, Hertfordshire.  St. Albans is the ancient City of Verulamium; the second largest roman city in England, located 22 miles to the North of London on the Roman Road of Watling Street.

Hanna Brinsmead was born in St Albans and baptised at St. Steven's Church on January 24th, 1620.  Her parents were Edward and Abigail Grubb.  She had a brother, Edward, baptised on Feburary 2nd, 1630 and a sister Abigaell, baptised on October 7th, 1628.

Hanna and Simon's daughter Abbigail was baptised on July 8th 1650 at St. Mary's Church, London.

It is likely it is a son of Jasper (perhaps John) Brinsmead who lived for a time very close by, at Aldenham in Hertfordshire.  It is clear from Hanna's will, which give bequests to several Brinsmeads in Bishops Hull, that Simon was closely related to the Bishops Hull family.

Hanna Brinsmead's Land

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There is a short cul de sac at Frogmore,  just South of St. Albans, in Hertfordshire, England, called Brinsmead Close.  It is named after the ancient occupant of the land, Hanna Brinsmead.  The house shown in the picture to the left would not have been her house, since it was only built in 1750, but the current Brinsmead Close is very near the area where she lived.