St Giles in the Wood Tax Rolls 1780 - 1832  

Property Owner Occupier Years Tax
Dennis Rolle Esq Robert Brinsmead 1780-1805 1 11s 7d
Notes: In 1799 this is listed as "Town Tenament". In 1800-1801 the taxes are shown as "assessed and exonerated". In 1806 it is taxed to Robert Hookaway and by 1809 to Elizabeth Hookway.
Dodscott or Dodscott Clarkes        
Henry and Thomas Brinsmead  Thomas Brinsmead 1780-1811 1 11s 7d
Thomas Brinsmead Thomas Brinsmead 1812-1822 1 11s 7d
John Puddicombe, Yeoman, Beauford John Puddicombe 1823-1832 1 11s 7d
Notes: This is the only freehold property in St. Giles in the Woods owned by commoners. Everything else is owned by the Lord of the Manor (mostly Lord Rolle) and rented out. For 1785 only Thomas listed as owner. In 1796 it is listed as "his own". In 1798 it is back to Thomas and Henry Brinsmead. In 1807 it is listed to William and Thomas Brinsmead. In 1810 it is back to Henry and Thomas Brinsmead. 
Dennis Rolle Esq Thomas Brinsmead 1782-3, 1785-9 1 11s 7d
Notes: In 1781 this property is listed only as Henry Beer & C. for his estate. In 1780 it was Henry Beer for his estate at Dodscott. In 1784 the property is taxed to Francis Beer for his estate. In 1790 it is taxed to James Newcombe, and in 1792 to William Blackmore.
Late Allfords        
Dennis Rolle Esq. Robert Brinsmead 1790 15s 10d
Dennis Rolle Esq. John Brinsmead 1791-1825 15s 10d
Notes: In 1787 this property was listed to James Lemon for his Late Allfords tenement. In 1799 it is called Allfords Tenament. In 1826 Allfords is taxed to Robert Clarke.
Holm moore         
Lord Rolle Thomas Brinsmead 1797-1803 7s 11d
Notes: In 1804 Holm moore is taxed to John Clarke
Stoneyford Farm & Hams        
Lord Rolle Thomas Brinsmead 1817-1832 3 7s 3d
Notes: Stoneyford Farm and Hams are sometimes taxed as two properties, the Hams at 4s. and the Farm at 3 7s 3d. Prior to about 1817 it was taxed to Francis Snell and before that to Abraham Steer.
The Ridge        
Lord Rolle Thomas Brinsmead 1808-1832
Notes: The Ridge is adjacent to Stoneyford Farm. In 1807 the Ridge is taxed to Sarah Cole.

* On several occasions, Brinsmeads were assessors. For example, in 1781, Robert and Thomas Brinsmead were the assessors and collectors.

* The record for 1786 is missing.